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Continuing our commitment to bring you the best in period-appropriate
costuming and accessories at affordable prices.

It's 2018, how can that be possible?
I have FINALLY updated the schedule page, once again (better late than never...) 
(Good help is hard to find and I can't figure out how to fire myself...)
I have had to seriously cut back on my shows this year, and it looks like next season (2019) will be my final one (and probably even shorter...) 
If there is something of my stock that you want, get it now...
I won't be re-stocking from this point on.

The one exception to the re-stocking statement is our new DOUBLETS,

Cathy will still be keeping me supplied with this great product throughout this year.

ALSO, please help me sell off my KILT inventory

(really good prices on the kilts!) 

Here's to the future...(and me REALLY retiring...)


If you read down this far, say "hedgehog" and get a special discount on any purchase over $100.

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